SpaceX Merchandise: Top 10 SpaceX Apparel Picks for 2020

If your friends and family are excited about Elon Musk’s SpaceX program, SpaceX merchandise and apparel will make amazing gifts. And who knows? You just might find something you like for yourself!

SpaceX apparel celebrates Musk’s determination “to revolutionize space technology, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to live on other planets.” With each new, successful launch, SpaceX continues to build a brand following similar to Apple and Subaru.

But since the average consumer isn’t in the market for a spaceship, they show their support by purchasing SpaceX merchandise. As a bonus, this apparel is also comfortable and stylish.

Shop SpaceX Merchandise

The official SpaceX merchandise store is called Shop SpaceX . For fans that are most concerned with original, branded apparel, you will want to focus your shopping here.

While this guide demonstrates our top apparel picks, our favorite SpaceX merchandise includes non-apparel items such as mugs, spaceship models, decals, posters, and more.

Unofficial SpaceX apparel are available at online stores like Amazon and RedBubble. Far from knick-knacks you’ll find at Walmart or a drug store, Amazon and RedBubble offer high-quality versions similar to the official merchandise sold directly by Shop SpaceX.

Each of our top picks for 2020 are available at Shop SpaceX. You can also find some of our picks on Amazon and RedBubble for less.

Are SpaceX Slogans Controversial?

Most SpaceX merchandise features their logo while others display trending slogans.

These slogans remind consumers of Elon Musk’s vision to send humans to Mars (and possibly other planets). However, perhaps the only truly controversial slogan is Musk’s “Nuke Mars.” As SpaceX’s newest merchandise launch, the Nuke Mars t-shirt has already been a best-seller at Shop SpaceX.

As we explain under our top pick, “Nuke Mars” is not as villainous as it sounds at first glance. But between those that disagree with Musk and those that will inevitably misunderstand the slogan when they see it, the “Nuke Mars” catchphrase may be considered a little more controversial than the rest.

Top 10 SpaceX Apparel Picks for 2020

1.   Nuke Mars T-Shirt (Men’s and Women’s sizes)


Sizes: XS-3XL

Price: $17-25

Elon Musk’s “Nuke Mars” movement has little to do with destroying the red planet. Rather, Musk asserts that detonating nuclear bombs on the poles of Mars will release greenhouse gases and effectively make Mars a livable planet for human beings.

And now, the slogan is finally on a t-shirt (as Musk promised it would be to his Twitter fans).

Featured as a men’s only t-shirt on Shop SpaceX , shoppers can find sizes for women with other vendors.    also features high-quality versions of the same shirt for both men and women.

The main difference between the SpaceX and off-brand “Nuke Mars” t-shirt is the back. The official SpaceX shirt features its logo in small letters centered below the collar. Off-brand versions either mirror the front of the shirt on the back or feature no graphics at all.

Also, off-brand versions do not feature the SpaceX logo anywhere on the shirt. However, both are made slim-fitting with a mixture of cotton and polyester.

2.   Starman Hoodie (Unisex)

Sizes: S-5XL

Price: $35-40

This unisex fan hoodie is a pullover with the official SpaceX logo located just above the left cuff. It also features the standard “kangaroo pouch” in the center.

Both SpaceX  and off-brand versions come in black with off-brand selections available in a variety of darker colors and light gray. These knock-offs usually refrain from showing the SpaceX logo anywhere on the hoodie.

3.   Crew Dragon Zipper Hoodie (Unisex)


 Sizes: XS-2XL

Price: $45

This unisex hoodie celebrates Crew Dragon , the next phase of SpaceX development. Until now, Dragon’s unmanned spacecrafts have only resupplied the International Space Station. But very soon, this ship will carry human beings into space with the smoothest space ride in human history.

The Crew Dragon hoodie has a pocket on either side of the zipper and is slim-fitting for a better look. The SpaceX logo rests atop the Dragon ship blueprints on the left chest. So far, this hoodie is only available in black, and we are only finding this design on the official Shop SpaceX store.

4.   Moto Jacket (Unisex)

Sizes: XS-3XL

Price: $150

This sleek and stylish black jacket combines the look of winter coat and biker jacket. It has hand pockets on both sides with the SpaceX logo minimalistically displayed below the left pocket.

Though the jacket is hoodless, it does have a mock turtleneck for extra warmth. This apparel design is exclusive to Shop SpaceX.

5.   Dragon Polo (Men’s)

Sizes: S-4XL

Price: $32

Unfortunately, this shirt is only available in black and for men. Great for golf or business casual, the Dragon Polo imitates the fashionable “staff member” style popular at expo and sales events.

6.   Track Jacket (Unisex)

Sizes: S-4XL

Price: $40

The SpaceX Track Jacket is unisex and comes in two colors: gray and charcoal. It is slim-fitting and designed for an active lifestyle.

The SpaceX logo rests on the left chest and is almost imperceptible on the gray. For those that want to proudly display the logo, the charcoal will make the logo pop more.

7.   Soft Shell Jacket (Men’s & Women’s sizes)

Sizes: S-XL (women) & S-5XL (men)

Price: $150

Next in our long line of SpaceX merchandise only available at Shop SpaceX is the Soft Shell Jacket. Men and women can find sizes exclusive to them.

This black jacket is designed for extreme weather. There are pockets located on both hips with a vertical-zipper pocket across from the SpaceX logo on the chest.

The jacket zips all the way up in trainer jacket fashion and offers a hood with elastic strings to keep the hair and neck dry from wet weather. The dark gray extra padding along the shoulders and arms contrasts well with the black.

8.   Occupy Mars T-Shirt (Men’s & Women’s sizes)

Sizes: S-2XL (women) & S-5XL (men)

Price: $15-22

“Occupy Mars” preceded the “Nuke Mars” slogan and perhaps offers a friendlier wording of the same sentiment. Elon Musk wants to put humans on Mars in a spaceship that offers as smooth a ride as possible.

Men and women can support the movement with this trademarked design from SpaceX in black. For additional colors, other online stores offer almost any color imaginable, including grays, purple, orange, maroon, and more.

If you’re a fan of the design but not of the t-shirt, you can find several sweatshirt and hoodie variations as well on Amazon and RedBubble.

9.   Dragon Cap (Fitted)

Sizes: 6 ¾” – 7 ⅝”

Price: $18

The Dragon Cap only comes in black and offers two flexible sizes: S/M and L/XL. It features the Dragon spaceship logo and is exclusive to Shop SpaceX.

10.   SpaceX Pullover Hoodie (Unisex)

Sizes: S-5XL

Price: $30-40

This classic SpaceX hoodie proudly displays the SpaceX logo on the back. On the front, the logo is smaller and rests on the right chest.

There is a pouch pocket on the front center and is form-fitting for men and women.

The official SpaceX hoodie comes in navy and black. Off brand vendors have similar designs in a number of colors, one of our favorites being an off-white hoodie with a navy logo pictured below.

Additional SpaceX Merchandise

If you’re not into our recommended SpaceX apparel items, there are a number of other popular SpaceX fan merchandise that you might enjoy.

For model enthusiasts, products like the F9 Desktop Model pictured below is both a challenge and great conversation piece at home or work.

There are also a number of great mug designs, including the Occupy Mars Heat Sensitive Terraforming Mug or the Dragon Tumbler/Travel Mug.

From Shop SpaceX and other online vendors, there are literally thousands of variations on decals, souvenirs, and more. Our advice is to have fun looking for the perfect SpaceX gift for friends, family, or yourself.


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