10 best accessories for Tesla Model S in 2020

If you are reading this article, chances are that you own a Tesla Model S and are looking for the best Tesla Model S accessories available in the market. Although the car is well-equipped with Tesla accessories, one may need a few extra accessories, to improve the experience, comfort, looks, and also to increase the life of the car, especially given its minimalist interiors.

Let’s take a look at the ten best accessories for Tesla Model S that you must gift your luxury sedan in 2020:

Tire repair kit:

Hands-down, this is truly one of the best accessories that you and your car NEED, not just in 2020, but forever. Like many modern cars, Tesla Model 3 also does not come with a spare tire. Hence, this is all the more important in this case. There are many “Stop and go” kits available online. Although this does not solve every repair, you can still use it for common repairs like going over sharp objects resulting in deflated tires. These days, it is not uncommon to find roadside assistance when there is a problem with the car. However, these “Stop and go” kits can keep you rest assured.

Rubber floormats:

These are the best options to keep your car clean and protect them from any dirt or debris. These rubber floormats go well with the car and do not change the interior looks of the car. However, if you would like to change the interior of the car, options are available for that too. Floormats make it quicker and easier to keep the car neat and clean. These floormats come with little spike-like objects that ensure that they do not slip or slide, thus keeping the floor of the cars always spic and span.

Wireless phone charger:

This phone charger is our favorite! It is a beautiful design and looks like a Tesla supercharger.

Storage accessories:

Owing to the minimalist interiors, there is not much storage space offered. However, this can be overcome by installing an additional storage compartment, like console inserts in the center, rear or a shelf, or a compartment. These offer perfect space to hold your beverage, keys, etc. These are quite easy to insert and remove. Be it a left side driven car or a right side driven, they are the same for both.


Hooks are very handy accessories that are very useful if you are trying to keep your car organized at all times. The Tesla Model S hooks do not require adhesives or drilling. These hooks are made up of plastic. Coat hooks are also available, but these can be used only if your Tesla Model S has a panoramic roof or an all-glass roof. The seatback coat hooks are also available and are extremely easy to install or remove. To end with, there is also a hook that can be hooked to the glove compartment. This can be useful to hang bags and things of smaller lengths.


Extreme heat will not just damage your prized possession from the outside, but also all the accessories inside that you have been installed. Hence, Sunshades. They will protect the electronics, steering wheel, upholstery, and dashboard from extreme heat, while also maintaining the temperature inside the car. This also means that your car will stay cool and will use less battery when you turn on the AC and ultimately improving the performance. All glass roofs are also available to ensure absolute protection. These sunshades are available in silver and gold.

Seat covers:

Seat covers are a great way of maintaining the interiors since naturally, the seats are the first thing one notices. Not just for the purpose of maintenance, in case, you would like to change the seat color too, this is a good option. If we are talking about protection, then seat hoodies are also a great way of protecting those upholstered seats. As a part of Tesla customization, customized seat hoodies are also available. Now, you do not have to think twice before getting into your car after swimming or gym workout, the machine-washable seat hoodie will protect the seats. These seat hoodies also come with a back pocket that is very convenient to store magazines or other things as you may like.

Sound system upgrade:

Pep up your drive with a sound system upgrade. Although the car has a great sound system, you can boost the entire listening experience by installing a music system that will enrich your experience.

Performance pedal cover:

Before talking about the advantages of installing a performance pedal cover or how does it benefit the performance, let me tell you that it makes the interior of the Tesla S model look so good. We know that the accelerator and the break are the most important in the functioning of a car, then why let them fade into oblivion under the dash? Apart from just looks, they ensure that the accelerator or the break remains non-slippery, and this reduces the wear and tear to a great extent.

Cleaning supplies:

The last one on the list may be one of the most-underrated accessories, but is an absolute necessity. It is only obvious that if you own such a beautiful car, you would want to keep it clean. When it comes to cleaning supplies like a car wash, there are umpteen numbers of options, and everyone has their own preference. But it is highly suggested to go for a car wash that either does not need or needs very little water. This will take care of the exterior. But, what about the interior? For the interior, wireless and compact vacuum cleaners are highly recommended. They are not just easy to use, but also portable and do not occupy a lot of space.

This was an illustrative but not an exhaustive list of the best Tesla Model S accessories to give that extra care and maintenance for your state-of-the-art vehicle.

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