• The EVANNEX Rear Seat Pet Cover has been custom-designed by EVANNEX and is fabricated exclusively for the Tesla Model 3. The boundary dimensions of the pet cover have been established to provide full protection for the rear seat surface, and the rear floor area with velcro openings for seat belt connectors.
  • The EVANNEX Rear Seat Pet Cover for Tesla Model 3 is fabricated from a heavy duty, quilted 600D black Oxford polyester fabric with 4-ply, 210D moisture resistance polyester fabric in critical locations. It provides a durable non-slip surface for your pet. It is 52 in. W x 71 in. L (134cm W x 180cm L). The Pet Cover makes use of nylon straps to affix the cover to the rear head rests and velcro slots that are used to provide access to the Model 3 rear seat belt connectors. There are also two “carry handles” on the back side for easy handling and transport.
  • The underside surface of the EVANNEX Rear Seat Pet Cover has non-slip “dots” that will keep the cover in place (see photo below). The top surface of the pet cover is constructed using a 4-ply  210D moisture resistance polyester fabric that will protect your Model 3 seats from moisture (see photo below).


Next to your (human) friends and family, your pet just might be the most important passenger in your Tesla Model 3. Most pets ride in the rear seat, and that can lead to scratches, stains, loose fur, and other problems that you want to avoid. We custom-designed the EVANNEX Rear Seat Pet Cover to help you protect your Model 3 rear seat from damage and stains. Our Pet Cover takes less than a minute to install and even less time to remove. It folds into a compact form and can be stored in either the frunk or the trunk well. Finally, the Pet Cover can also be used to protect your rear seat when you’re transporting anything that might damage seat. The Pet Cover can be ordered with an optional Rear Seat Pet Leash that attached to your seat belt connector.

Please note: Our pet cover protects the rear seats and the floor of the Model 3 second row area. The cover has also been designed with velcro opening for seat belt use.


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