Window/Door Decals


  • As with all our vinyl decals, we use 3M 1080 vinyl; this is the best on the market, and conforms well to complex shapes.
  • As some of the pieces are quite fiddly to install, we provide two full sets. One set is fully weeded, so it’s ready to install.
  • The backup set is not weeded, meaning that you simply peel off the piece(s) you need.
  • Everything is still precision cut, but as with many of our vinyl products, the main cost of production is not the material, but the effort required to hand-finish the vinyl, so leaving one set unweeded allows us to keep the price low. Aside from the vinyl, you’ll also get some wipes, and a soft squeegee in the kit.
  • We’ve taken a lot of time designing this kit, and all the button decals are over-sized, which allows them to fully wrap the buttons; this prevents the vinyl coming up at the edges on frequently-used switches (this is why we prototype for months!)


Our door control wraps allow you to cover the piano black factory finish on the door/window controls with vinyl; this enhances the look, protects the plastic, and dramatically reduces fingerprints. Match this with wraps for your Model 3 center consolesteering wheel and dash! You’ll also see our door release buttons in the video; you don’t need them, as this kit covers all the buttons, but they’re a great upgrade!


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