7 Must-Have Tesla Accessories for 2020

The Tesla Model 3 has become the best-selling luxury vehicle in the United States. This fact might surprise the uninitiated, but those of us that drive a Tesla understand exactly why they’re so popular. They’re amazing cars!

But even the best can get better. There are hundreds of aftermarket accessories available to customize and upgrade your Tesla experience, and that number will only grow in 2020. With that many products to choose from, it’s tough to judge what’s a must-have, and what can be left on the shelf.

With that in mind, we present seven of the most important Tesla gadgets to add to your car. These either improve minor issues with the car’s design or add extra functionality you didn’t realize you needed. Whether these are Tesla gifts, or for your own car, all of them will elevate your time on the road and make you fall in love with your car all over again.

EV Wraps Carbon Fiber Center Console Wrap

We understand why Tesla chose a glossy black finish for the top center console panels. Fresh off the showroom floor the finish gives the car’s interior a sleek, modern look that screams style. Unfortunately, it doesn’t take long for smudges, smears, and fingerprints to build up and ruin the center console’s visual appeal. Plus every spec of dust is visible against the glossy surface.

You could opt to clean the console on a daily basis, or better, protect the surface with a carbon fiber center console wrap from EV Wraps. It’s an upgrade to the vinyl console covers found in other products.

The textured surface resists dirt and dust, protects your console, and looks really slick. It feels as if your Tesla’s interior was always supposed to look this way. Plus the strength of carbon fiber assures that it will stay looking great for a very long time.


Jeda USB Hub and a USB Hard Drive

Tesla’s dashcam and Sentry Mode are both great features, but they aren’t complete without something to hold the digital files the camera and sensors capture. The simplest solution is to add a USB thumb drive to one of your car’s two USB ports, but this is in no way the best solution.

Instead, get a Jeda USB Hub and a hard drive. The Jeda hub turns your two USB ports into five. You’ll get three USB-A ports and two USB-C. The hub is made to fit directly over your existing port enclosure, creating the illusion that the car shipped with it. Best of all, one of the three USB-A ports is placed inside a hidden compartment that will keep an installed hard drive out of sight. We recommend a quality solid-state drive for best performance, like this SanDisk model. Hard drives hold more data than thumb drives, so they’re the better choice.

Elon Accessories Touch Screen Protector

Your Model 3’s touch screen is the car’s command center. Nearly everything is controlled through this digital portal. That means you’ll be interacting with it constantly.

Now consider this. It can cost upwards of $1,000 to replace the LCD touch screen should it be scratch or damaged. Given how much you’ll use it, the potential for damage is always there. That makes a screen protector a critical addition.

The touch screen protector from Elon Accessories is one of the best you can get. It’s a bit pricier than some, but its ease of installation and its absolutely perfect fit makes it worth the extra money. Plus, it’s worth spending $30 more to avoid a $1,000 replacement one day.

Rear Seat Locks from Drop Lock

You’re driving a luxury car. For better or worse, that puts you at an increased risk for break-ins. Thankfully, there’s an inexpensive accessory that thwarts one of the more common burglaries committed today.

Thieves have taken to smashing the Tesla’s rear quarter window and then folding down the rear seats to gain access to valuables in the trunk. These rear seat locks from Drop Lock simply drop into your seat latch finger wells, blocking easy access to the trunk.

They can be taken out (by you) but it isn’t easy, which is exactly what you want. Thieves are looking for a quick score. Anything that increases the amount of time that they’re in your vehicle strongly dissuades them from trying.

Non-Slip Aluminum Pedal Covers

If you purchased the Model 3 Performance you’re already enjoying the badass aluminum pedals that come standard with that model. However, it’s not too late to add this extra flair to your basic Model 3. All you need to do is grab a pair of Topfit’s aluminum pedal covers.

Not only do they look great, but they’re also easy to install. No tools are needed. They simply replace the existing rubber covers on your current gas and brake pedals. Given their low cost, ease of installation, and killer styling, you’re crazy not to pick up a pair of these immediately. They make great gifts for Tesla owners, so get some for everyone on your list.

MAXpider Rubber Floor Mats

The carpet floor mats that come standard with your Model 3 look nice, but don’t afford your floors much protection. Carpet gets dirty rapidly and isn’t easy to clean. Plus your heal will eventually wear a hole in the mat as you drive.

Your best protection comes from all-weather rubber floor mats, and we can’t recommend the MAXpider mats enough. They’re lightweight yet extremely durable. They feature a raised edge to contain any snow, rain, dirt or mud you track in from the road, and cleaning them is as easy as pulling them out of the car and hosing them down.

Plus they’re designed for a snug fit, so they won’t move around on you once you’ve dropped them in place. The package above includes driver, passenger, and rear mats for total protection.

Evannex Lighted Rear “T” Emblem

This last entry doesn’t fix anything, improve anything, or confer any real benefit at all. It’s just a super cool way to trick out your ride, and it gets a 10 in the style category.

This lighted Tesla “T” emblem replaces the standard “T” that ships with your car. The lighting effect is eye-catching, yet subdued. A warm red glow emanates from the sides of the “T”, highlighting the bold emblem shape, making certain that everyone knows what you’re driving, day or night. It’s not cheap, but if you have the cash lying around, it’s so worth it. Evannex carries a full line of Tesla merchandise, so check out their website today.

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